earth prints bärbel ullrich  
Artist's Statement

I have used printmaking as a primary method for the creation of images based on land/environment. It is a collaboration and a synthesis of artist, process, subject matter, emotion, materials, techniques and nature. The preparation of plates, predominantly collagraph, but also using drypoint, lino–cut and etching, includes working with the environment. For example the collagraph plates are made by either gluing down natural materials or coating the plate with no more gaps, covering with glad wrap and placing the materials on top of this then weighting them down to get an impression.

With printmaking everything is a bit of a surprise – the artist has to relinquish total control of the process and allow for chance, experimentation, variation in marks and techniques as a means of expression. Accidental effects might change the experience and the outcome. Nature is in constant change and flux and this can be expressed/represented through the printmaking process. The prints have multiple layers built up over time and the process of overprinting reflects the rhythms and movements of nature.

Contrary to prints being made in the studio with mechanical processes, they can also be made in the environment where nature imprints its energy, flux and patterns onto the paper with natural materials and through the process of time.


a series of 24 mixed–media prints on 300gsm hahnemule paper 53cm x 53cm
all works are for sale and reasonably priced
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