light & dark bärbel ullrich  
Artist's Statement

Light and Dark
Night and Day
Dark places Light spaces
Physical Psychological
Perception Intuition

I am interested in the flux, energy, rhythms, textures, forms and movements of nature throughout time.

The landscape belongs to the world of time and perpetual flux; light and dark, day and night, changing seasons and changing weather. As artists throughout history have sought to capture these elements of the landscape their main concern was find something permanent beneath the strata of changing phenomena, to strive for the sense of eternity in the midst of flux.

As soon as an element or form from nature is drawn or painted onto a surface it becomes fixed, made permanent unlike the original experience of flux, change and movement.

The tradition of landscape painting is also infused with the polarities of the universal and the particular, the eternal or timeless and the transitory, chance or design. This search for something permanent “is one of the deepest instincts leading men to philosophy” (Bertrand Russell).


a series of 53 mixed media works on 300gsm Aquarella paper 76cm x 56cm
all works are for sale and reasonably priced
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