earth spirit bärbel ullrich  
Artist's Statement – January 2014

Materials, textures and fibres are collected from the environment to create the collagraph plates. Leaves, feathers, bark, grasses, sand and even spiders and insects are arranged and glued down to a cardboard plate.

I like to experiment with the inking process with resulting work showing the details, the microcosm, fractal patterns, textures and shapes of the materials collected. Some areas of the print often have a photographic quality as the realism of the materials is captured. There is always that element of surprise and unpredictability in printing the collagraph plates which I enjoy.

I also work by building up layers with overprinting, especially if I am unhappy with the initial print. A number of plates may be used to complete one print and other printing techniques, such as relief and drypoint, may be collaged or incorporated into the final work.

I hope to capture the richness, variety, delicacy and spirit of our fragile environment. The plates themselves are as ephemeral as the materials used to create them and therefore limited prints can be produced.


a series of collagraphs/mixed media prints on 285gsm Fabriano Rosapina paper 70cm x 25cm
all works are for sale and reasonably priced
please contact the artist –