243 meditations bärbel ullrich  
Artist's Statement

I was working with the numbers 3 and 9. They were to be presented in 9 columns with 3 in each row, consecutively numbered, and nine columns. When you add 243 this equals nine.

The process began with the initial idea of size and final amount of work. The paper was prepared and cut to size. I would work on 3 at a time, numbering as I proceeded. When a set of 3 was completed I stored them face down, not to be looked at until the project was completed. This required a certain amount of discipline!

The compositional elements/archetypal symbols used were the square, the circle, the triangle and the arch. Other symbols used were from alchemy, botany and astrology which were screen printed onto tissue paper and glued down forming another transparent layer. Images and textures were printed or rubbed from the environment. Shapes based on small goddess figurines from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Mesolithic times were also printed as a layer on some of the work.

The feminine principal and the Goddess is a continuing theme underlying my work. Symbols based on Her were created throughout time to represent the life–giving, life–creating and protecting Mother Earth goddess.

The process of producing these works was meditative in that it allowed me to play with and manipulated images and experiment with the print and drawing process within a given format.


a selection of the series of 243 small works on paper 15cm x 15cm
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please contact the artist – barbel@barbelullrich.com.au