under mount bogong bärbel ullrich  
Artist's Statement

The painterly relief print process is related closely to painting as well as displaying the graphic qualities of relief printing. The plate is prepared by carving the design into a piece of MDF board and attaching the coloured paper to the top of the board. The paper is lifted and small areas are painted with gauche or acrylic paint and then the paper is folded down and rubbed to get an impression. The areas that are cut out reveal the surface of the coloured paper creating that linear quality. This process is repeated until the print is complete. If you don't like a particular colour or surface area it can be overprinted a number of times building up several layers. Each print is unique and can’t be repeated even though the design is the same.

The series presented in this gallery is called UNDER MOUNT BOGONG. The prints are inspired by the natural features of the bushland under Mt Bogong, including trees, ferns, rocks and creeks. Through the use of colour and painterly techniques I have tried to capture the essence of the seasons and the ambience and richness of place.


a series of 15 acrylic painterly–relief prints on 250gsm Somerset paper 46cm x 34cm
all works are for sale and reasonably priced
please contact the artist – barbel@barbelullrich.com.au