the unfinished universe bärbel ullrich  
Artist's Statement – June 2005

This body of work is inspired by the book
The Unfinished Universe by Louise B. Young (1986)

The drawings/paintings/mixed media on paper (28 x 38cm x 260 works in series of 4 related images) are accompanied by text from the book and numbered sequentially. The images focus on specific places in North Eastern Victoria around my home as well as locations visited.

Louise Young's book brings together the evidence and insights of biology, physics, astronomy and cosmology to oppose the conventional view that the universe is running down and will eventually collapse upon itself. She believes that the universe is creating more complex, highly organised, and more efficient forms of matter all the time, and at every level – from the microscopic to the stellar.

The text encompasses the philosophy that we are all part of nature and thus not only witnessing but participating in the creative process of evolution that is taking place throughout time. We are one with a living universe that is like “an unfolding flower that has yet to bloom in its full glory.”

This work continues my interest in the land and environment. I am interested in the concepts of time, change and growth, chance and purpose.
The notion of ‘space and place’ is particularly explored where the land is not only observed but experienced through emotion and intuition. I wish to represent the essence of the place, its form, structure and surface appearance. I have not represented a traditional ‘view’ of the land but aspects of the rhythms, energy and movements in the environment. The details explore the microcosm, fractal patterns, textures, colours and shapes, especially the local characteristics of specific places.

The order and form in nature and the creative force pervading all nature is a particular interest to me and a focus to the work. The idea of the interconnectedness of all life on earth, and the universe is my philosophical basis.


a selection of the series of 260 mixed media works on paper 38cm x 28cm
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